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Microsoft lowers the price of the Lumia 950 and 950 XL in Spain

Rebaja del precio del Lumia 950

The range of phones for sale available with 10 Windows Mobile on the market are really few. In fact, Microsoft is the only manufacturer that, is how logical, bet on its mobile platform and at the moment seems to be the only one in the future. Being the only manufacturer of devices and the mania for Microsoft to continue without advertising or advertise your operating system, it has forced the company to reduce the price of its high-end devices. The Redmond-based company has just announced the new prices of the 950 Lumia and Lumia 950 XL.

Following the reduction of the prices of the flagships, not to say almost the only company they spend to have a price of 399 euros for the 950 and 499 Lumia to Lumia 950 XL model. But in addition the Microsoft guys still giving the Dock Display, allowing our smartphone to be connected to a monitor and keyboard to be able to work as if a PC was bridging the gap and thus make use of Continuum.

At the moment this offer is limited in time. Until June 30, any resident in Spain you can enjoy the spectacular rebate that Microsoft has applied to their devices. Although seen low market share which currently has 10 WinMo, it would not be surprising that this offer will be extended in time.

Although the operation of this new mobile version of Windows has improved amazingly with the previous version, ones are still missing the few functions to be an equivalent operating system to Android or iOS. But what really stands out is the Continuum, that although it is a bit green still, offers us a comfort when working with the device that we had not been able to or can currently be found on any other platform.

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