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Microsoft offers $650 if you change your MacBook by a Surface Book


Together with the Surface Studio, of which today saw that is has exhausted by full its stock initial, Microsoft also presented of form official it second version of the Surface Book to which has equipped with of still a greater performance and above all of a better autonomy.

However, in Redmond, you know that this may not be enough to convince many users which today make use of an Apple MacBook. Therefore has decided to go on the attack, in a very aggressive way, offering up to $ 650 for your Apple device and so make the leap to the Surface Book a lot easier.

To be able to join this interesting promotion only you must Access a website created for the occasion. In she can check of form fast and simple how much money can get in Exchange for your MacBook, that must of used always in acquire the new version of the Surface Book or rather a Surface Pro 4.

Unfortunately this promotion for the time being only is existing in the United States, where it will expire on November 7, although not discarding that also reach other countries among which could be Spain according to information we have received.

Microsoft continues in a way very decide by getting their new devices to all users, even to those who currently use an Apple MacBook and have too many thoughts to change your laptop.

Would you change your MacBook for one of the new Surface Book if Microsoft offered you up to 650 dollars?.

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