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Microsoft pays $10,000 to a woman by force the installation of Windows 10

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Practically nothing left so that the grace period given by Microsoft to its users to test Windows 10 finishes and during this process we have heard everything. Since Microsoft were forced to install Windows 10 up to even have managed to hack into this version.

However what happened recently is something unusual not because it’s true or not but the facts of Microsoft, for their actions. Microsoft has paid the amount of $ 10,000 for having forced the installation of 10 Windows on their computers to a woman, who were also apparently part of their business. Woman called Teri Goldstein, owner of a small travel agency in California. According to her, his team forced automatically the Windows 10 installation with which lost data and also much information since that, according to her, the computer could not work apparently. Goldstein sued Microsoft and it decided to withdraw its appeal recently, deciding to pay the judgment. So, after salaries, equipment and without working hours total $10,000.

The installation of Windows 10 seemingly unusable Teri Goldstein team

The most striking of all this is that Microsoft desist the first and decide to pay rather than lengthen the trial. At another time I would have possibly done that and if it didn’t have the impact of the trial, he had simply paid the $10,000 before held or even less.

Lately we are seeing amazing things at Microsoft, a long-standing company within the world of technology and a company with some customs difficult to handle for many users. But these changes do not cease to amaze many, changes which are still positive but that, nevertheless, many are suspicious of them by the tradition of Microsoft, but it seems that this tradition is about to end or that seems toyou you think?

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