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Microsoft Planner, a tough opponent for Trello?

Microsoft Planner

During the day yesterday, Microsoft introduced a new tool that will be integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and that will make us better productivity. The tool is called Microsoft Planner, a tool that appears as a rival or competitor of Trello because of its similarity and performance but can be two different things.

Microsoft Planner will be incorporated into Office 365 and will be available for many tools of Microsoft OneNote, Outlook, Microsoft Chart or own Microsoft Word. Planner aims to help collaboration between groups through software and remotely. Yet the resemblance to Trello is impressive, even has the card system that uses Trello, however it is not as free as Trello or so it seems because at the moment it can be used only through Office 365 and their special accounts, i.e., a normal Office 365 user won’t by the time this application.

Microsoft Planner is only available to certain customers of Oficce 365

However we must recognize that its integration with Office products is a strength of Microsoft Planner, which harshly other competitors of Microsoft, will achieve but it is also true that at present Office is not the only office suite that users exist. On the other hand, offers work in real time, something that will allow us to view work or task is doing currently connected users, useful if in addition to user you’re the project manager.

I’ve personally used Trello and possibly use Planner when I can, above all because they are tools designed to improve our productivity , and that is something that not only seek the companies but also users, but it remains to be seen if Microsoft Planner actually improves the productivity of the user or is only appearance do you you think?

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