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Microsoft Play will arrive on September 13 to our consoles and computers


As it has recently informed the company Microsoft, the new feature Microsoft Play will be available to everyone starting on September 13. This will mean that starting from that day, anyone may play in the Xbox or in PC to those same games. This function which has been named as Microsoft Play was one of the promised features for Xbox and after more than one year, finally we have it.

The idea of Microsoft Play is create a unique platform of video games where them users not need depending upon of the disc of installation or of the platform to power play. Also called as “play anywhere” an interesting feature for many.
However this new feature or service will not be available for all video games. As indicated, little by little, Microsoft will enable this function in all video games, but on September 13 will only operate a few. In this case we can say that the list of admitted not is very specifies but is speaks that all them games released during this year will be compatible with Microsoft Play.

Microsoft Play will allow that on our computer we can play with the Xbox games

It certain is that Microsoft Play is something very expected from their users that makes time updated its Windows to Windows 10 and is something that will mark the Xbox regarding its competitors. But the truth is that so far, those who have video game of two years ago, will have to wait to be able to share their games between their teams.

Despite all this, it true is that or Sony or Nintendo offer this possibility and that is something that Microsoft will try to take advantage of or should have it made. In any case surely that many users will continue to be leaning for other aspects when choosing game console or perhaps not? do you you think?

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