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Microsoft publishes Clip Layer in Android to improve text copying

Clip Layer

Android it’s multitude of features to be the OS for devices of the highest quality and most versatile of the moment. Within that greatness that treasures, there are some spaces that can be improved as is that related with the copying of text, that hope that some day the great G wants to evolve it to leave it perfect.

Is for it, that allows that Microsoft are you forward and lance apps as Clip Layer. Clip Layer is an app that comes to fill a hollow void that leaves Google to the allow to the user copy all the text that appears in screen of a way easy and simple. An app special, but that has a small handicap that does not like to all the users.

That escollo, small, is that you will have to configure Clip Layer as the wizard from the settings of your phone. By what you can already forget release Google Now when you do a long press, it will be the new app from Microsoft that appears to perform the functions of copied text of what appears on the display of your beloved and beautiful smartphone.

Clip Layer

When do that press extended, Clip Layer is responsible of read all the text that have on screen. You have to click on the fields that you want to copy and play on the text button located in the upper right corner to see that you have selected. Then only is copy it to the Clipboard, send it by email, bring it to Wunderlist or share it with another app that you have installed in your device mobile. More simple, impossible.

Clip Layer will be capable of copying the greater part of the text instead of them images, although not always will work to the perfection. That itself, only recognizes the text in screen, by what forget you of that it take of them images that appear in them web sites or other elements.

As still not is available from form international, you encourage to to download the APK:

Download the APK from Clip Layer version 1.0

WP-Appbox: Clip Layer (Free, Google Play) →

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