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Microsoft releases its Machine Learning Tools

Machine Learning

As we have already mentioned on some other occasion, we could say that, without neglecting other branches of business, the truth is that Microsoft seem to have opted for virtually all its future on issues of artificial intelligence, one of the most promising lines of business. You have proof of what I say on how other major technology, such as, Amazon, Google and even Apple, also are betting on this business model.

To try to be that spearhead in this new market, since Microsoft have taken the decision to make available to all stakeholders a set of open source utilities that enhance the Machine Learning with natural voice recognition. This means that any can be integrated into your application or device recognition system of voice of the North American company, a platform that, by way of reminder, noted for having a rate of error in conversation of only 5.9%.

Microsoft puts its Machine Learning platform with natural voice recognition available to all stakeholders.

If you are interested in the proposal, let know you that this voice recognition system has been named by the company as a cognitive tool kit and is now available, in beta phase and with the MIT license, the GitHub repository. Among the most interesting features of the same, highlight that it is offered the possibility to build neural networks or develop automatic learning systems by taking advantage of the use of CPUs and GPUs with enough scalability to become the standard for this technology.

As has been published from Microsoft itself, as well as continue to develop their Machine Learning platform with natural voice recognition, this effort to free the project has much to do with the idea that they have in the company of democratizing the artificial intelligence to get all these products finally may have great value in the real world.

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