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Microsoft releases new videos where you can see the design process of the Suface Studio

Surface Studio

Makes a pair of months, Microsoft surprised to own and strange presenting the AIO that is had rumored had the intention of launch and of which not had seen, the Surface Studio, a team oriented to a public specific where them designers are a part important of the equation, mostly by the possibility of draw directly on the screen of 28 inches folding and that is located in horizontal , with a simple movement.

This device, seems to have been very well received by the community of designers, and as he has stated on several occasions, the guys at Microsoft are not giving supply to all bookings that have the Studio Surface, which has forced the company to expand production, a production which originally had been much limited in waiting for the response from the public.

The guys at Microsoft have just five upload new videos to its YouTube channel, videos in which we can see the process of inspiration, development, design, operation of the Surface Dial… What is clear, and such as we already saw in the presentation, is that Microsoft is betting on touch screens, regardless of its size. In addition it is one of the main differences with the MacBook, but now also with the iMac, and that focuses the company when it comes to advertising on their devices.

One of the elements that caught attention on the presentation of the Surface Studio was Surface Dial, a device of form circular which can quickly access the palette of colors, tools, do zoom quickly, move designs in 3D to position us better in action…

At the moment the Surface Studio is only available in the United States, where they are not giving abasto with all requests. We do not know when it is planned for release in Europe, but then as soon as we will inform you promptly, but might this first generation not to be marketed outside the United States, just as it happened with the Surface first generation Pro and Surface Book.

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