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Microsoft showed an app to scan 3D objects but not named it

Has completed the extensive #MicrosoftEvent, revealing some interesting pieces of hardware that will compete against Apple.

However, the Conference is distinguished by ignore almost completely to the platforms of Windows Phone, except by an impressive app of which not is spoke much.

During the display of the qualities available in the new Windows 10 Creators Update, is showed a great amount of functions relating to the modeling in 3D.

One of them moments more impressive happened when Megan Sanders, Manager General of Microsoft, took his phone intelligent HP with Windows Phone and captured a photo of a castle of sand to convert it in a model 3D:

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Sanders said during the presentation that is was of an app complementary to the Creators Update and Paint 3D, but not mentioned what was the name of the program.

Even so, its operation is quite clear: is opens it application, is fixed a point of split and is scans the object walking around it, to form the model in 3D.

The Executive pointed out of form fast that this application was used in Windows Phone, but that arrived the moment will be available for other platforms.

Will be interesting to know if can use is outside the environment of Paint 3D.

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