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Microsoft Unveils 10 Windows Update makes you vulnerable

Windows 10

As user of Windows safe that will know of first hand what can arrive to complicate you the life do a update in of the system operating, now, also, as is has revealed from it own Microsoft, them updates in Windows 10 can put you in real danger since the made of update the system operating causes a vulnerability critical that you puts literally to the scope of any hacker.

Apparently, while your computer is offline, BitLocker is automatically and temporarily disabled until a Build of the system has been installed. This means that the system’s encryption of the disk hard not is active by what a hacker, or any person with knowledge enough, can access to the disc hard and grant is to itself same privileges of administrator of the system or damage it without need of be the administrator. This vulnerability was detected weeks ago by Microsoft own that he has been working in strict confidentiality in the development of a patch for Windows 10 that is able to solve this serious problem.

Never lose of vista your computer with Windows 10 while is updated.

Now, while it is a rather serious bug, especially by such disastrous consequences that it may result, the truth is that it is complicated enough to exploit the vulnerability, the hacker must have access to the computer with Windows 10 during the upgrade and can not be remotely so that there would be no risk that your computer may be damaged if at the moment, during an update not you lose sight.

More information: Win-Fu

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