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Microsoft updates its three apps Office in Android with support to SVG


Microsoft has followed proving largely do you have when you want to design and develop software of high quality as with a few applications that it has launched on Android and iOS. It has not only been in creating new, but it has led even his office suite.

These days ago has updated silently Office for Android with a very striking option and is the ability to add and edit SVG images from any of these three apps in Android: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The SVG images or vector have any number of virtues as it is the ability to be expanded without the loss none of quality or resolution when we want to display them in a larger size. A type of file that is perfect for the creation of web elements like logos.

Microsoft has included the ability to Edit and integrate this type of SVG images in any of the three apps that available in the Google Play Store. So you can include scalable vector graphics in Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with the idea of improving the content that you can offer from those files, and with the ease and comfort that is do it from a smartphone or Android tablet.

This new option not requires that have a knowledge advanced in the edition of images, since simply have of insert the image SVG or vector that want and can begin with the edition of the same of form instant.

The update is available for them three apps in the Play Store and not is has seen no change more mentioned in the list of changes, by what is it vector what takes its greater prominence in this update to the suite of office that has Microsoft in Android, and that even has pre-installed in numerous devices.

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