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Microsoft wants to ban the simple passwords


In my article last article I have mentioned the hack that has suffered account Twitter of Katy Perry, surely by use of a password too simple, but of course we will never know which has really been the problem of hacking. Whenever we open a new account on the different services offered by internet already is email, social network, banks, access to music services… generally the website offers us a recommendation to make your password more secure possible forcing us to have at least 8 characters and it to alternate between upper and lower case , but not all services do, so many are the users who prefer to use passwords easy to remember type 11111111, password 12345678… and so on.

To prevent the users of the various services that Microsoft offers through Outlook, Xbox… the guys from redmond will begin to avoid that users can use passwords of this type or similar. Every year we publish a list of the most commonly used passwords for most users and Microsoft has been responsible for banning most of them, so now any user who wants to open a has the guys from Redmond, will to have to think a little more to enter the password.

Previously Microsoft had already been one of the first in a mechanism for security we forced to combine uppercase, lowercase and letters in a password to hinder foreign friend who could access easily, but with this change, in addition to force us to these factors, also check that the password is not in list of passwords used by the majority of users who have serious problems to remember your password.

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