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Microsoft will allow users of Windows 10 disable automatic updates of your operating system

Windows 10

Many are the problems that can come to cause the have that update your computer constantly. This is something that practically all as users have had to suffer though, after numerous ‘gaffes‘, call it somehow, and thousands of criticisms expressed toward Microsoft, finally the leaders of the company have decided to allow users of Windows 10 disable AutoUpdates on a temporary basis.

This is precisely an of the big news that will bring get the next great update of Windows 10, same that has been baptized with the name of Creators Update and that going knowing each day more. Now, as stated in the previous paragraph, this deactivation of automatic updates is only temporary, specifically and according to leaks, apparently talk about a period of 35 days. During this time you won’t have to worry about having to postpone all updates of the operating system manually.

Microsoft allows you to disable automatic updates of Windows 10 for a period of 35 days.

This is one of the changes announced by it own Microsoft where them responsible of the company want to get that Windows 10 is much more friendly by the user. On the other hand, this movement is very logical if we consider that every year they win power between users other options such as all those based on Linux, or macOS operating systems that Microsoft yielded to requests from many users that, for quite some time, demanded the company to have a solution like this.

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