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Microsoft will launch the Surface all-in-One before the end of the year

Microsoft Surface 3

Yesterday jumped in many places the news that Microsoft would be working on a new device that would throw the market soon, so close that it would be during the third quarter of 2016. This device has been known by the name of Surface all-in-One.

A new Member for the family Surface that would see the light of the market before more known siblings, these are, Surface Pro 5 and Surface Phone, which will be launched at the beginning of next year 2017. This new device will share the design of other models of the Surface family but unlike these, Surface all-in-One will be a full computer. Have known it the news thanks to the half Digitimes that he claims to know it thanks to “industry sources”, despite this, the news has run such as gunpowder, and Microsoft has not denied anything, but has not confirmed it.

Surface all-in-One will attempt to compete with Apple Mac computers

In any case, the Surface all-in-One will be a device that will be in line with Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, i.e., have a very similar hardware, being its function all-in-one that characterizes this terminal. So many claim that Surface Book and Surface all-in-One will be differentiated only in support: Surface Book will be mobile while Surface all-in-One will have a fixed positioning. At least this is what many think because we know the final shape of the Surface all-in-One. Microsoft wants to compete with Apple Macs, so many think that these teams will be surpassed by Surface all-in-One, but personally I have not very clear.

Although very few weeks left to come out to the market this device, the truth is that Surface Book has failed to put an end to the reign of the Macbook and may Surface all-in-One not ending with the reign of the Mac. In any case, will have to wait a few days to find out if really Surface all-in-One exists or is only a bad information given to a digital mediayou you think?

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