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Microsoft will leave at the end of year of producing Surface Pro 3


Apparently the life of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is about to end. Microsoft has announced that it will stop producing the tablet more sold at the end of the month of December this year.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a tablet 2-in-1 which was launched during the past 2015 and its sales have become the best gadget of the company, at least this latest reports indicate it. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will continue to receive updates and security patches for Windows 10 Mobile, also you can find in any store after December 2016, but there will be a limited number of units until it runs out.

The oddest thing of all is that Microsoft fails to produce one of the most famous and best-selling gadgets which has and maintains the production of one of the failures of the company, we are talking about the Surface Book. The famous portable Microsoft not is selling as they hoped and many companies warn that for each Surface Book that is sold, before Microsoft sold 9 Surface Pro 3 or 4 units, something that shows us an idea of which is acceptance by users of Microsoft devices.

Surface Pro 3 could get a lower rate than normal

Many warn that this official statement indicates that there will be no new Microsoft device until next year, but possibly to Microsoft does not serve you anything this and launch new models Surface Pro or Surface Book. In any case we must take advantage of the news and those wanting a great tablet may get the Surface Pro 3 for less money from their initial cost, something that will not be too bad for our pockets.

Personally I think that this announcement is a new release which may occur when present the new Redstone update, one update to be presented by the Windows 10 anniversary and that may also be the event of presentation of new devices, as the Surface Pro 5you you think?

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