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Microsoft will reveal all the secrets of his Holographic VR in December

Microsoft Holographic VR

During the last great presentation of products made by Microsoft, while there was big news, no doubt everything could be somewhat overshadowed by the presentation and update the Surface Studio, at least virtually all media have opted for talk more this novelty than the rest, what makes the presentation of the Holographic VR has been left in the background , something that apparently has not sitting too well to Microsoft.

According to has commented in his last interview Alex Kipman, Chief of HoloLens, apparently in the company have decided take to Cape two events during the month of December, one them days 8 and 9 and the other during them days 14 and 15. In these events from Microsoft have decided to inform all stakeholders, even if they are very geared to the manufacturers of hardware, the basic needs that will require its teams to operate in Windows 10.

Microsoft will organize two events in December to talk about virtual reality.

At this point, remember that Microsoft has been associated with brands such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, Asus and do so they are the first to create products with their specifications, which is expected, in the best cases, begin to reach the market at a price base of 250 euros for cheaper components. As you can see, and we have already commented on occasion in Microsoft believe that this type of platforms will be an important part in the future in the short term.

It remains to be seen if Microsoft is able to sell its platform to manufacturers, something that would do that it would become a standard where would not take to get many applications and games. Perhaps and due to this we found with a Microsoft that, at least in this sense, is is showing very collaborative sharing their research, development of HoloLens and getting that the price of entry in the world of the reality virtual is much more accessible.

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