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Microsoft’s Groove Music offers us 4 months free

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The streaming music market is currently dominated by Spotify with more than 40 million users who subscribe to the service and not to mention those who use the service for free with ads. In second place we find Apple Music, a service that despite carrying little more than one year on the market has managed to convince 17 million users, many of them frequent the Apple ecosystem. In third position and lack of figures official from the services of music in streaming from Google and Microfot is is Tidal with 4 million of subscribers.

Services music streaming from the all-powerful Google and Microsoft will still be an alternative for many users. To try to remind users that Microsoft has a music service in streaming, the boys from Redmond just launched an offer for all users who want to make use of Groove Music can try it during 4 months of completely free, one month more than it currently offers Apple Music. The price of this service is the same as the competition, 9.99 euros a month.

To take advantage of this offer, we have to realize high at Groover Music not our Microsoft and enter our card details, although not made any charge on it. Just give us high, we will be able to enjoy one month for free and within a few days we will receive a code that allows you to enjoy 3 months more without having to pay a single euro. If before the end of 4 months, we see that this service not just us like, we can give us low without any problem so they charged us the monthly fee once the promotion period is over.

It will increase the number of users of Groove Music with this offer? Time will tell it.

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