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Minecraft already reaches 100 million sales


This game has been popularized as the foam. Initially created by Mojang, a company that would end up being bought by Microsoft. The figure is spectacular, and the reality is that it is a game that you think should not be a milestone, but really, provoking users an interesting addiction. This world made of blocks, has entered into many homes, and is the favorite of a significant number of teens video game. The figures of their balances will leave you speechless, and it is that it has already reached 100 million sales, something to match only large companies of video games.

During the year 2016, they were selling 53,000 copies of Minecraft a day, to my at least this figure leaves me with the mouth completely open. Microsoft got buying Mojang just in time. Currently, has passed the 100 million sales, i.e., two countries as Spain play or have at least bought Minecraft. If we put all users of Minecraft in a country, it would be the tenth second per population in the world. Fun is assured in any version of Minecraft, either Pocket or complete, both for iOS, Android and for Windows.

Europe is PC territory, 29% use it from your desktop computer, 35% from the console and 36% in the version for mobile. Number similar to the of United States of America, where 41% play it from the mobile, 19% from the PC and 40% from the console. The truth is that little or nothing can question the success of Minecraft, lover or not of the saga are, it has become a brutal business, and there are many YouTubers who jumped to fame performing gameplays of this famous game. If you haven’t tried it, it is a good time or not, because you finish perhaps too engaged.

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