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Minecraft will come to the Apple TV before the end of the year


During the keynote that Apple introduced the new MacBook Pro, Apple took the event to inform about the company’s future plans. Among those plans is the agreement that has come with LG to launch jointly new monitors with resolution 4 k and 5k, although the latter does not come until just before of the end of the year. But also the guys at Cupertino informed us about the announcement of the arrival of Minecraft for the Apple TV, game for a couple of years it is under the umbrella of Microsoft which has extended to all ecosystems this game so popular among lovers of video games.


If paste a look in the App Store, can see as Minecraft continues being an of them applications that more income generates in all the world, not only by the shopping integrated, but also by the sale of the application that has a price of 6.99 euros. Currently the ecosystem tvOS, operating system managed by the fourth generation Apple TV already has more than 8,000 applications, applications that are also for the iPhone and iPad.

At the moment, as well as the launch of Mario Run for iOS, the exact date is unknown, but apparently Microsoft want to do the right thing and offer new possibilities to take advantage of capabilities that Apple TV offers. It is likely that before the end of the year already available like Mario Run. As we saw in the provision, the game mode and the way they interact are virtually identical to that in other ecosystems, what we don’t know is whether Microsoft will use Siri to be able to interact with the game via voice commands while we are playing.

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