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Modify the design of a new iPhone 7 to transform it in an iPhone 5


A Youtube user has launched make this aesthetic change in its new model of iPhone 7 to make it similar to the device which both liked Apple users in terms of the design, the iPhone 5. This experiment that you has come out quite well, not is advisable for anyone, i.e., if have an iPhone 7 not try to do this in house or very possibly you stay without device. But it curious of this case is that you has remained until well and while is true the task of Mount and remove all the hardware internal of the iPhone already is complicated of if, seems that he not has had problem any in do it.

No more waiting will see the video of the user that has completely transformed the design of its new iPhone 7 by one similar to the old iPhone 5 and 5s of Apple:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Really ugly in this DIY Home can be the finish with the buttons on the iPhone to Excel in excess due to the recess in the aluminium on the back cover, the rest seems to us to be up to Nice taking into account that the sanding gives a different from the same air and actually resembles the models of iPhone 5 and 5S that Apple released a few years ago. Sincerely not is something that can advise do to no one as we have said to the home of this article, but see the result is really interesting. You like this “new design” in the iPhone?

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