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Mophie launches carcasas-bateria for iPhone 6

Company Mophie, has launched a new line of housings with Wireless charging for iPhone and iPhone 6/6S 6 Plus/6S Plus, so our cell never run out of battery.

As well as covers for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge that launched in February, these added 50% battery and do not need to be connected by cable. The iPhone version 6-6S cost USD $100 for iPhone 6 Plus and plus 6S is worth USD$ 129.


In addition to the shells, Mophie has also launched accessories as a holder for the car and a tripod for tables or desks. These integrated magnets like the covers, so that phones of adhere correctly horizontally or vertically and not at risk of falling. These cost $59.99 each and also serve with the covers for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

With this integration of magnets without doubt the company has solved a problem that has embarrassed us long ago, with the usual wireless Chargers we must keep the cell horizontally to keep it in place and also the base must be connected by cable in the same way. With Mophie that won’t be more.

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