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More power to them Chromebook of ASUS


Gradually seems that the idea of offer Chromebook to all your customers has fruit set in practically all the manufacturers of computers. An example clearly have it in the ASUS Flip, one of the most attractive and interesting of the market Chromebooks. Unfortunately also is true that, since is oriented to a market where not is requires too much to this type of computers, as regards features technical is a model perhaps too basic. This could change thanks to a renovation that could get to the market in short.

According to the latest rumors near the company, apparently ASUS would be working on the development of a new version of their particular Chromebook which could be filed within just a few days in the CES 2017. This model, internally, has been baptized with the name of ‘C302CA‘ and highlights between other things by count with benefits very superior to the Flip, enough to convert it in an of them options more interesting of the market, especially for those that, knowing what can offer a Chromebook, seek a model of guarantees.

ASUS CES 2017 will be a new more powerful and attractive Chromebook.

Among the features more interesting of this proposed, highlight for example its new screen of 12.5 inch with resolution 1080 p that, according to has been filtered, will be touch. As the heart of this model, ASUS engineers have opted for an Intel Core M3 instead of the previous Rockchip, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of memory storage, no doubt one bet more than right that insurance will result in a much more fluid and versatile model.

As it is already more than usual, the new ASUS Chromebook will feature two ports USB-C and a microSD card reader. Thanks to all these features that new model has all it necessary to convert is in an option very interesting and even the more powerful, within a market where find proposed perhaps too modest. The time is not known officially price to which can reach this Chromebook market although, according to gossips, round could loor 499 dollars.

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