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More than half of the Chileans buy through your smart phone

In a presentation of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), its President Sebastián Sierralta presented the study Mobile e-commerce. Within the findings is that 90% of Internet connections in the country are made from a mobile phone.

Bags of mobile data, with 45% of the spectrum are among the most purchased by customers. The games and applications follow, to leave third to clothing or footwear. The first item of the rating is due to the arrival on the market from companies like Virgin Mobile and Wom, according to Sierralta.

The Chilean buyer online consists of three million people approximately, being mainly the ABC1 segment, followed by sector D, to the C2 and C3 at the rear places. They are mostly women, though not by much margin, with 52%, being men 48%.

Regarding the age of the customer, we can see that they are mostly people between 34 and 55 years, with 33%, followed by the segment between 35 to 44 years, which occupy 24%. Young people ages 15 to 24 are 22% and people between 45 and 54 are the minority in this regard with 17%.

According to the thrown by this study the main reasons to buy online are due to the factor of time savings, with 49% of preferences, while the savings opportunity is 35%.

An interesting fact that we see is that people, in general, does not trust in mobile devices to make transactions. The common denominator of this distrust stems from the fear of sharing personal information, the lack of guarantees on the safety of negative third-party web sites and experiences.

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