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More than one million Google accounts at risk for malware Gooligan

As if it were that disturbing chapter in Black Mirror, the new malware Gooligan has exposed millions of Google accounts, through a system of infection as seemingly harmless that the risk is higher than with any other previous malware.

Discovered by the people of Check Point Software Technologies. Gooligan would have already violated more than one million Android devices, following a system of alarming infection:


The nightmare begins when the user download an app in APK format outside of the Google Play Store, or is infected with a malicious code using phishing techniques.

Once infected the device can automatically rootearse for installing more malicious programs, being able to even steal passwords of all Google services, including Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Play & G Suite.

Malware Gooligan also steal e-mail addresses and authentication data stored in the terminal and injects code to download other apps, invasive and inserts advertising, which are rated positively user infected with your stolen identity.

The firm estimates that more than 13,000 Android devices are infected daily, and Google has already taken the first steps to protect the community.

There is now a web site, courtesy of CheckPoint, and that analyzes your device to determine if he suffers from a severe case of Gooligan.

The obvious recommendation is to not download anything outside the Google Play Store.

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