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Moto Z mocks Steve Jobs and the iPhone 7 in its new promotional

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Despite the announcement of their new MacBook Pro, it is possible that Apple is not going through its most innovative stage. Even the late Steve Jobs believes it (more or less), but always striking the reaction of competitors, when highlight efforts which they do by differ, such that the case of the latest campaign to promote bike Z.

Under the slogan “Differente is Better” (different is best), the company summarizes in 60 seconds, low a tone of comedy mocking, the last decade of the industry of the smartphone.

On the basis of the keynote revelatory of the first iPhone, with a Steve Jobs very scatterbrained, passing through the bland designs of Samsung and until the present day, where the major innovations are the Elimination of the 3.5 mm headphone jack and the creation of the tone rose gold.

(C) Motorola(C) Motorola

At the end all lands in the new Moto Z with their bike Mods, arguing that this new device really is pure innovation, not providing consumer variations of the same thing that has been buying for years.

New Bell Moto Z is scathing and fast-paced. Seeks to highlight the benefits modular of this terminal, but the reality is that not is is of a smartphone perfect.

Our analysis of the Moto Z, published a couple of days ago, goes deeper on this issue.

But the intention of mockery in his video seems almost convincing. At the very least.

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