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Moto Z was the best high end of 2016 phone [W aWards]

We’re about to close the year and thus the W aWards come to an end. An of the categories more important is it of them phones range high and here the Moto Z is raised as the great winner.

Mobile Lenovo, which also took the prize to the most innovative phone, repeat the dose and outperforms other terminals as the S7 Galaxy edge, Huawei P9 or the same iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The regular performance, mediocre battery or high price factors to deter users.

For the staff one of the best was definitely the Galaxy S7 edge, thanks to its design and camera unbeatable. Another that we recognize is no doubt the Huawei P9 with its double camera and price accessible in some markets. The lower part of the table has 10 HTC and LG V20; in the part half have to the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus and the Google Pixel.

What was best for you?

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