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Motorola abandons the wearables market


This year, it has not been the year for Android Wear. A few months ago Google announced all the innovations that came this year at the hands of the second version of Android Wear, but as we reported a few months ago, Google delayed the launch this great update until, at first, next year. In addition sales not are accompanied in this sense and as proof of this, we have seen that the leading manufacturers have not launched any new terminal market, terminals that had come to the market with the previous version of Android Wear to the delay of the launch of Android Wear 2.0 which expands the possibilities of this type of device.

As it has keyboard Shakil Markat, head of the Department of wearables for Motorola, the company has decided to withdraw from the market indefinitely, due to the reasons set out above. The market is not responding as expected with the arrival of these devices more reason than enough to not continue launching new models every year. Boys and Motorola have launched the towel, but maybe not in final form, since it might reconsider this option in the future, when the market evolves and sales will be matched by the investment made by companies.

Throughout the year, the only manufacturer which has seen their wearables sales have increased has been Samsung and to a lesser extent Fitbit (who is about to buy Pebble). Release the Gear S2 and S3 now has aroused the interest of many users, since it offers us a new way of interacting with this type of device in addition to being designed by Tizen and not Android Wear, an operating system that is becoming a headache for Google and for manufacturers of devices.

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