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Motorola and AT & T manage to Mexican students designed bike Mods

Bike Mods have become one of the more distinctive line of modular smartphones from Motorola. The company has been quite clear in saying that this family of accessories will continue to live and now reaffirms his promise in Mexico.

Teaming up with the operator AT & T, the company donated a series of development kits bike Mods to the University of the Valle de Mexico (UVM) and the technological University of Mexico (UNITEC), so that students of different races to create their own modular accessories, and these were the most interesting results:

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  • FirstAid, a module that includes a glucometer, baumanometro and digital thermometer, which integrates an app in the smartphone so you keep record of all readings obtained.
  • Rock Out!, which makes the smartphone an amplifier for recording, EQ and file export functions.
  • TwoBrothers, which functions as a protective case and allows you to further integrate more Moto Mods.
  • A doctor Oximeter that works as a fingerprint reader to identify the saturation of oxygen (O2) and adjust it in patients.
  • A portable photo printer to reproduce any image within the Gallery of the device.

These projects of Mexican students, many of them seeking funding at IndieGogo, already participate officially in the global bike Mods developer program.

This worldwide, motorcycle-driven hardware development competition invites young people from different countries to redefine what a smartphone can do.

Universities Laureate network played a crucial role in this Alliance that represents an opportunity to learn about the creative potential of the Mexican students.

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