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Motorola will have OMV in Mexico but focused on security

When Motorola announced that it would enter the market of telecommunications in Mexico, launching its own operator Mobile Virtual (OMV), the news was taken with some bewilderment by the rarity of the fact, but now everything has become clear.

Motorola Yes would have its particular OMV, however they do not compete directly against Virgin Mobile, TuentiMX and the like, but who would lend its services of specialized and exclusive to the security sector. This was revealed by Vicente Roqueñi, director of development of business and sales to Government in Mexico from Motorola, in an interview with El Financiero:

Our offer as high security OMV aims to lay the groundwork for operation on international standards. The goal is increasing the impact for instances of public safety to integrate data to its operations.

In the border have customers and several of them customers in United States explore ways of collaboration with counterparts in Mexico for to establish communications interoperable along the border.

Low this perspective the strategy of Motorola sounds quite interesting, since their services as OMV in the region of border seeks convert is in a species of infrastructure safe and reliable where the telecommunications is take of way isolated and protected.

Missing finalize details with Axtel and Megacable for close the try, but to achieve its committed Motorola Solutions will make an Alliance strategic with ALTAN, the company that won the last tender of spectrum for telephony offered by the Institute Federal of telecommunications (IFT).

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