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Motorola will launch 3 new bike Mods every 3 months


The experiment of LG with them modules interchangeable not has been all it good that had desired her company. Not know if by the price, without by the need of have that go with them to all parties if us make lack or while because it improves that us offers not is so substantial as us ensures the manufacturer, but the made is that LG is is rethinking seriously the abandon this system of modules that came to the market with the launch of the LG G5 and is very likely that the LG G6 follow the road of their previous models, jumping is the number 5.

However who if seems to bet and strongly by the modules of expansion at Motorola. Moto Z is a device that can be several modules in the rear to improve the quality of the optics, autonomy, sound, connectivity… These modules not us is obligated to remove practically the phone as if was happening with them of LG. He made is that Lenovo seems that you has liked this new initiative of Motorola and wants to bet by this type of modules, baptized as bike Mods, and has planned launch 3 new bike Mods every three months, with a total of 12 to the year.

Lenovo not is the only manufacturer that is responsible of design and launch these new modules, but apparently there are several manufacturers interested in this idea as JBL or Hasselblad. But also, also has arrived to an agreement with the platform Indiegogo for promote the campaigns of this type of modules, for all those users, with sufficient knowledge in the matter, that are interested.

We don’t know until that point Motorola wants to take advantage of this issue of the modules, which at first glance may not draw attention, above all for the price of some of which are already available, but can with time and if they do things well, can be an excellent idea. The time will tell if this decision of Motorola is a very bad idea or while seems to have given in the nail of as could be the telephony modular future.

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