Monday , January 22 2018
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Movistar starts to sell equipment without the need for a plan

Some time ago you had how the national economic Prosecutor (FNE) recommended that telecom companies clarify the way they sell their teams.

Movistar welcomed the call and opened its virtual store, where you can buy a different quantity of equipment of its catalogue without the need to tie you to a plan or have some sort of obligation with them.

This initiative comes to show us that them “telcos”, at least in Chile, not are doing ears deaf to them recommendations of them authorities and the processes of sale of equipment is begin to clarify.

WOM was of the few companies that had a system without ties, now is sum Movistar and hope that the rest them follow the trend. From now you can visit your new catalog here.

On the other hand, this opens up more purchase options without having to resort to the informal trade, where there is always the latent risk of falling into a scam if you are not well informed.

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