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Mozila purchase Pocket, the service that save articles to read later


All or nearly the attention around the world focuses these days on the Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona, but aside from this event arise important news which we have known in the last hours. This has to do with the purchase of the popular service Pocket by the Mozilla Foundation.

Pocket is a service with more than 10 million users, which is present in a lot of different platforms, and allows us to save articles to read later at any time. Simplicity and comfort are two of the factors that make with such a lot of users.

For the time being has not transcended too much information of the purchase transaction, although the Mozilla Foundation has confirmed that that Pocket will continue to operate in an independent way, and at the moment it seems that without any change of great importance.

Who will suffer if some that another change will be the Firefox web browser, developed by Mozilla, was one of the first to incorporate Pocket, and that it could now provide this service in a different way. It is also to imagine that changes will come to other browsers and platforms that use the service to store items.

Pocket is already owned by the Mozilla Foundation, and now there are only about various details about the purchase, and some information about the future of this service and it is that I am afraid that soon we will see how turns into free software accessible and available to almost anyone.

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