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Mozilla Firefox OS team dissolves

About 50 workers from Mozilla, the company behind the popular Firefox browser, were dismissed once your operating system for mobiles, streaming boxes and computers was a failure.

Unfortunately, the new operating system, which made its debut in 2013 could never detach with sufficient force, largely thanks to the lack of popular “basic” of social networks and mobile, messaging applications along with other horrors of something new.

The team was working on finding ways that the company entered the business of the Internet of things, but their duties were lifted.

Even so, Mozilla believes that this technology will become dominant market part, “it is still early”.

We in Latin America knew always that this was doomed to failure because of their gruesome trade in Movistar, the parody of a horrible song. Leave it to you then if you like you suffer or if you haven’t seen it and you feel like embarrassed:

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