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Mozilla takes to Pocket, the platform for storing items

Through its official blog, Mozilla announced the acquisition of Pocket and the company behind its development, Read It Later, as part of a strategy which aims to increase the presence on mobile devices and discover content on the web with ease.

And with good reason: Pocket, the platform for storing items, has 10 million monthly active users on the web and applications to Android and iOS, hence the more than 3 billion stored items that will serve as a knowledge base for Mozilla to promote its initiative Context Graph.

The team behind Pocket and its technology will be part of the Mozilla Open Source project and will help in the development of a technology capable of understanding the context in the web to recommend content based on a “system of recommendation […] powered by humans”.

One of the novelties that Context Graph will bring to Firefox in the 56 version is your new tab and home, Activity Stream, which show the most visited web sites and outstanding recommendations based on the pages that the user has visited.

Details about the acquisition, echo of the integration of Pocket in Firefox were not revealed by Mozilla, as well as nor discussed changes in the functioning of the platform and its premium service.

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