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MSI launches new portable virtual reality-centric


Going to be the year of virtual reality, is indisputable. What is perhaps more debatable, is the fact that the requirements for your devices to run virtual reality accessories, tend to be too demanding. MSI knows it, so has launched a new range of laptops completely compatible with the latest virtual reality, a market in which it did not want to be outdone. Make use to the maximum the possibilities afforded by virtual reality, from the hand of portable devices of MSI. They hide an incredible engine under its chassis, you discussed what is the content.

During the Computex 2016, that event has been chosen by MSI to present this new range of laptops that include Windows 10 and are fully compatible with current virtual reality technology. We do not know to what extent a MSI can be considered portable, because the weight and size tend to be quite large, so if it is clear, is that the gaming market is increasingly exploiting more and better, MSI and Alienware are the two best are doing in this regard, and we must recognize the merit of monopolizing a market , don’t have any rival for now.

These new devices called GT83 Titan SLI and SLI Titan GT38, will feature new graphics cards from NVIDIA compatible with virtual reality, the first run with a GeForce GTX 980 and the second with a 980-SLI GTX, is not bad content of these portable. Already depends on what you look for, but both have new ventilation system patented by SMI and processors Intel Core i7 6700HQ to ensure maximum performance in any condition. It is clear that the battery will be a mere companion here, and prices will cover from the €1.600 model cheaper until the € 4,500 of the most expensive model based on customization. Already available on its web site.

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