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My Band 2 of Xiaomi will come to the market in October


Thanks to my Band, the Chinese manufacturer bracelet Xiaomi has become an important gap in the market coming to second position in the market of sale of quantifiers, behind Fitbit. According to the latest figures of sales of this last quarter, Fitbit has sold 4.8 million devices while that Xiaomi, in second place has managed to sell 3.2 million bracelets quantifier.

My Band is one of them devices more economic that can find in the market and that us allows quantify in all moment the exercise that do to daily for subsequently dump it in the application and consult it to see if have attained our objectives, arrived to our goals, overcome records previous…

As we posted earlier, My Band 2 bracelet integrates a screen OLED certified IP67 that offers resistance to dust and water. Will have a price of 23 dollars, very similar to the model earlier, hence is has made a hollow quickly in the market, especially for those users that not have very clear the operation of this type of devices. Once they have seen what is capable, many of them choose to go to the next step, a Fitbit bracelet, which gives us many more functionality for a somewhat higher price.

The latest news related to this bracelet reported that the Band 2 my Xiaomi hit the market in October. Xiaomi expects to double production of this device given the success that previous models had. That if, the price of 23 dollars probably will be only in Chinese, country of origin of the signs. If you want to get with this bracelet will have to pay more than 30 euros, which is still a very competitive price in the market, that if we can not compare it with any model of Fitbit, which has a wide range of quantifiers in the market.

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