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My Qicycle, the new smart bike Xiaomi

Mi Qicycle

As planned, Xiaomi has officially presented its smart bike, a device that looks like it will take more than one to the desired sites, though clearly is a gadget for the urban world and for nothing can compete with professional cycling bikes.

This new model will be called my Qicycle and not my Smart Bike as many thought. It will also be a folding bike, something that together with its weight will do that we can carry it everywhere and then pick it up without any problems.

The new my Qicycle weighs a total of 14.5 kgand is folding as we said their weight is because it has a small engine that will allow us to walk independently about 40 Km approximately, so well can opt for biking or simply for driving. But display will the nerve center of the Mi Qicycle already that not only it will allow us to connect with our smartphone via bluetooth connection but also has a gps and several features that will allow us to exercise or adapt our needs to our exercise.

My Qicycle will have a small motor when not queramo pedal

On the other hand, my Qicycle also has the function of maps from Google Maps that will help us not getting lost in the city or easily find an address that we need. In any case, my Qicycle will also feature an official app that you can install on any Android device and that will allow us to communicate seamlessly with our Mi Qicycle.

The price of my Qicycle will not be as gratificamente as the rest of features. The price will be of 460 dollars about, somewhat less than 440 euros, a high price if we see it as a device for the masses, but for functions that have, many will notice something affordable do you you think?

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