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Nest co-founder leaves the direction of the company


Apparently, after a long time without deciding on the future of Nest, at least in a public way, Google has taken a decision on the future of the company and has made some important changes. Thus, the co-founder of Nest, Tony Fadell, leave Nest to ascend in Alphabet.

This can be interesting and sometimes catastrophic to Nest and Alphabet. Tony Fadell will leave the management of the company, but instead will be counselor Larry Page and Alphabet, so it won’t lose any relationship with the company that created. On the other hand, along with the news, Tony Fadell has insisted that he left a roadmap of 2 years to keep the company running according to the steps that he has followed, something that ensures the functioning of Nest by the lines which has gone, provided the new CEO of Nest creates timely steps are relevant for the new direction of the company. The new CEO of Nest will be Marwan Fawaz who previously was in the Department of Motorola Home.

Nest will have a new CEO but it will follow the steps of its creator Tony Fadell

Although many think that the future of Nest is in danger, the truth is that this looks more like the beginning of the fusion of Nest to the conglomerate of Google and Alphabet. Since its purchase in 2014, the company has always been under the orders of Google and plays a very important role in the future of Alphabet following the introduction of Google Home and your home automation software.

The truth is that I personally think that Google is merging companies that have purchased over the years and that will be the future of Nest or at least I think, thinking that this controversial “road map” will not be more than an appearance to generate confidence, as years ago did Apple Tim Cook. We hope that these business changes do not affect the creation of new products or maybe if do you you think?

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