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Netflix already allows downloads to reproduce content offline


Downloadable content for Netflix service is already operating as well has just announce the contents platform in streaming. It seems that everything is coming before December’s coup and is that in less than a week we have had the good news of the arrival of HBO in Spain and now we’ve got another good news for users of Netflix, downloading of content to see without being connected to a network.

This is something that will be really good for places where coverage is little or no, a Wi-Fi network is not available or the like. In addition to all those who do not have a very powerful rate of data on their devices, it is undoubtedly a breakthrough. The demands of the users in this sense have been heard and now download Netflix content for offline viewing is possible.

But not all so beautiful how would want, Yes, you have to see all the details of this new service and obviously that is not the content available for offline viewing Netflix. So in this first batch we have series of the likes of Narcos, House of Cards, Stranger Things, Black Mirror as well as several films, but this content will expand with the passage of time. For download only have to click the icon that appears next to the play button and go. Also added the new category available for download that trace makes it easier to.

To start to use this novelty what there are that do is update the application so point us comes to our device and in this update is adds also the correction of some errors. These updates are now available in Apple’s App Store for iOS devices and for the Android (in this case warns that this function is not available on all devices). In any case, we leave the link below these lines for the discharge of the already updated applications.

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