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Netflix distributes its seals of recommended products and TVs from LG WINS

Netflix is our perfect companion of dead time, how many hours of fun has given us through his fantastic series and movies. However, Netflix also needs your perfect companion, and in this case it is a good TV 4K with features HDR, all compatible with native applications, the application of content in video on demand for excellence. As Netflix has decided to distribute its seals of recommended products and again LG TVs are the perfect (according to Netflix) to accompany your moments of series. And it is that a good panel can do that a series worth more than, and LG has long been working with the high-quality TVs.

And it is that these are statements that have left from LG to please the companions of Netflix.

“We are very proud that Netflix again recommend our range UHD with HDR of 2017,” said Brian Kwon, President of LG Home Entertainment Company. “This recognition encourages us to continue offering our customers faster access to HDR 4K content, and you can continue to enjoy a great viewing experience”

In the same way that Netflix have seen fit to return the compliment to his companions.

“LG is a leading company offering access to Netflix and excellent in its Smart TV performance,” said Scott Mirer, Vice President of the ecosystem of devices on Netflix partners. “El stamp TV recommended by Netflix in the range of LG for 2017 is another example of his leadership and offers our users an even better Netflix experience”

The main advantage of 2017 LG televisions is that they will have webOS 3.5 platform, so it can boast of being one of the more intelligent and attractive market in the field of software. Similarly, the HDR technology and las resolutions 4K will allow you to get all the performance you can imagine your TV series. For this reason, you should not miss our monthly summaries of the content that will be displayed in Netflix, as you well know, is coming April, so anything we will have a whole collection.

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