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Netflix releases a new version of your app much more streamlined and functional


Netflix is one of the services of streaming with more users on the planet, this is something that we know as its engineers do not cease to work a single moment to launch new features and improve capabilities of which are already being used by users. This time, it seems that they have decided to focus on the latter and optimize as much as possible the way of storing and viewing the videos without losing quality.

One of the main problems of streaming, at least so far, is that to be able to view videos in quality, these weigh heavily something that also affects the fact that we want to download some movie or series for viewing offline. It is at this point where in Netflix have succeeded, thanks to a new video compression technology, these weighing much less without loosing quality, which vastly improve the loading speed to the videos that you download will be much less memory.

Netflix, thanks to the technology of compression VP9, achieves that your videos are much lighter.

In terms of the technology used, mention that we are talking about format compression VP9 open source developed by Google although improved based on displaying a large number of scenes, hours of video. What makes this form is basically allow each movie and even each scene in each film, depending on their characteristics, it can compress using one format or another. For this from Netflix was hired several people who were watching scenes in compressed in different formats choosing in which terminal looked better.

Once engineers had enough information is the time that an artificial intelligence system was trained thus develop a platform capable of reporting how is should compress every video in the most compact and optimum way. Thanks to all this, now all the series be loaded much faster without having engaged, for example, a high speed internet connection.

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