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New image of them Google Pixel and Pixel XL shows its size


Already is little or nothing by discover on the design of these two new devices from Google and although is true not have nor them images official of both terminals, them rumors and leaks us show with clarity the design of both. On this occasion we have on the table is a catch in which the size of both terminals can be distinguished quite clearly enough marking the final measures of both. Is is of an image and obviously to not have the device in the hand one is can make an idea perfect of these measures, but if can have an idea comparing with others devices that have the same dimensions or approximate.

Right now are to less than a week for the presentation official of these new models of Google and the design outside of both us shows to simple view a change more pronounced in the part back that in the front and obviously the size more small that the Nexus 5 X that had of a screen of 5.2 inches. This is a screenshot (bottom) in different sizes of Google smartphones which can be seen and where we have left the new and smaller in size Google Pixel, the Nexus the Nexus 6 p with its big screen of 5.7 and 5 X, XL Pixel, inches.


Desire to not us missing for see the launch official of these new devices with the signature of Google, but some of them rumors on its price and details how it not resistance to the water or it feeling that them frames of the screen are little exploited in these new terminals us leave with slightly more than doubts on the success of them same. Surely once in hand all this stays in the background, but the competition tightens and nowadays you have to be very thin to compete with other brands in the market. To see what happens…

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