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New images of the BlackBerry Mercury

Although very few manufacturers currently offer a solution in the form of physical keyboard as accessory (Samsung), virtually no manufacturer of smartphones with physical keyboard.  BlackBerry continues to believe that the keyboard is a method suitable to interact with the smartphone and all users that have used a BlackBerry with this type of keyboard will recognize that it is much more agile, fast and comfortable to type on the screen, but already we are accustomed to this and the write speed also is very high, but not comfortable.

BlackBerry announced last September that left from manufacturing devices, offering licensed manufacture and use to a third party, TCL, but based on the designs of the Canadian manufacturer. The next model that will reach the market, still don’t know when will be the BlackBerry Mercury, will be presented almost in all probability in the next CES, being held in January in Las Vegas. Every time we have been publishing photographs or screenshots of as it will be this device, but none of them could see some measurable reference to get an idea of as it will be large.

These images allows us to get an idea of how it will be the BlackBerry Mercury, a device that as we see in the images reach the market with Android 7. 4.5 inch screen will offer a resolution of 1620 x 1080, with 420 ppi, the fingerprint sensor it will be integrated in the space bar. Inside it seems that finally we find not Snapdragon 821 but that company may choose the 625 Snapdragon, so battery consumption could expand at least until two days. At the moment not leaked information about price and availability, but taking into account the processor and that the DTEK with Snapdragon 821 is 599 euro, it is likely that this terminal is situated between 400 and 500 euros.

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