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New malware is disguised WhatsApp or über to steal login details

In the field of malware Android is a platform threatened constantly, but it seems that each new danger is more delicate than the previous one, as has now emerged a new piece of software capable of emulating the appearance of popular apps for stealing access credentials data.

This threat report, warned by the firm of cyber security, FireEye, notes that this software uses an elaborate phishing technique, where infected once the device is detected in the background and silently which applications are the most recurrent in the user to activate automatically when the victim launches the app in question.

So that, if the victim opens Uber, or any other app that integrates banking data, malware will show overlying way identical to the originals, but false, window that requests the personal access data of the intervention program, to steal them and share them with the attackers, using a remote server.

The most vulnerable apps are WhatsApp, über, YouTube, Wechat and Google Play, along with some foreign banks. The company does not have an exact number of infected users figure, although it sectoriza most of the problem in Europe.

The best recommendation is to not download anything dangerous, and paranoid if nothing any apps from the list of requests data access over a suspicious-looking window.

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