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New render of OnePlus 5 leaked on the net

If there is a device that it deserves to continue one more year in today’s market this is without doubt the OnePlus 3T, further taking into account the relationship quality price of the Chinese smartphone. In any case is already clear that it will not last long as flagship of the brand this year since we have been few months talking about his successor, in this case will be the OnePlus 5, Yes, number 5. It seems that it is simply a matter of Chinese culture, since the number 4 phonetically resembles the word “death” in several dialects and is for this reason that is released with the number 5 and not 4, in any case this is simply unimportant detail to a device that is expected to arise soon.

In this case the model is defined as OnePlus A500o and previous models of the brand had a similar reference in the company before being released, in this case as OnePlus A3000 and OnePlus A301o, coming to be the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3 T. Why are now expected to be the OnePlus 5 and not 4 as well explained at the beginning.

And it is that the rumors about the smartphone are persistent on the network, the recent certification of the device and some render like today make us think that OnePlus not too delayed the launch of the new Chinese flagship. So far it seems clear that the processor that will mount this device is the Qualcomm Snapdargon 835, 6 GB RAM, dual camera in the rear and a 5.5 inch screen. It is important to say that this model of OnePlus added major changes besides the processor, such as the double rear camera but we always expect a lot from the Chinese firm, and we believe that this time it won’t disappoint.

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