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New rumor points to 7 iPhone having USB-C, 3 GB of RAM and 21 Mpx camera


For some time that we not published rumors related to the next iPhone 7, rumors from a few weeks ago it seems that they have stabilized and are no longer appear in the technological publications. Today we echo of another rumor this time published on social networking site Weibo. This time we find that the next iPhone 7 would come with a large number of new features , among which we highlight a USB-C connection, a new 21 megapixel camera. But they wouldn’t be unique innovations that the company would also expand the RAM of the device, reaching the 3 GB of RAM, one more than the current model.

The problem with these leaks is that Apple growing is differentiating more models of 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch, offering more new products and functions to the larger Plus model. The so-called dual camera with two lenses, would be intended only to 5.5 inch model, therefore the optical stabilizer would continue regardless of presence of 4.7 inch model.

Other rumors related to the camera and the next iPhone are related with a laser that would be used to carry out the approach much more quickly than at present, which although it is quick, can always be improved as the latest devices from Samsung, whose focus is dramatically faster.

The introduction of the C USB connection would be the next big thing that will allow users to make use of a same charger to charge any mobile device, in such a way that the new law that comes into force in the coming year in the European Union, where the connections must be the same for all, would start to become a reality, following the Elimination of the connection of Apple , lightning has been on the market since the launch of the iPhone 5.

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