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New rumor suggests that the Galaxy S8 will arrive in April

Samsung is kept them ads of mobile at CES and not surprising. After having revealed the Galaxy to 2017 in Russia series, now is time to focus on the Galaxy S8. It is almost certain that the phone will be presented in March (probably at Mobile World Congress) and the most recent rumor places April as the month that will be available.

If the reports are true, the S8 Galaxy would be released on 18 April and Samsung held an event in New York to celebrate the event. The Galaxy S8 would be released to level global, although is by verse if America Latin or Spain listed in the list of countries in which will be available for this supposed date.

Multiple Galaxy S8 rumours have emerged out of a few months here. The more strong indicates that is offered in a version size Note with a S-Pen as accessory additional. The device would eliminate the button physical and the port pair headphones. It also speaks of a Snapdragon 835, 8 GB of RAM chip and the personal assistant to Bixby.

All this is pure speculation, so there is no other hope.

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