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New Samsung patent shows a flexible terminal


It’s no surprise that Koreans from Samsung has a special interest in the mobile folding or Hax. Makes something more than one year published a video of a concept of smartphone in which could see as understands Samsung that will be them smartphones of the future in addition to Intuit that already were working on this. Makes some days you inform you of a patent that Samsung had record in United States and that towards reference to a terminal folding, type shell, where to the open it would find a screen of great size in its interior. But now talk of a terminal flexible, that even could also get to fold is to occupy less space.


To this day, you have to be honest, all this sounds like science fiction, but it seems that you for Samsung is not an idea that it is far from becoming reality, although we must also keep in mind that patent does not mean putting up on the production line, why register is to prevent that any other company that has a similar idea to record it before her and as well to avoid having that pay the corresponding royalties.


The latest patent that has registered the company, has been leaked from Samsung a patent where we see a flexible terminal that could even bend and retrieve automatically your usual design. Currently the main manufacturer is are focusing in offer the maximum size of screen possible in the front of the device and reduce to the maximum the bezels. What we don’t know is when they will begin to reach the market this mobile type flexible or folding screen. That if, it is likely that when they do it is priced extremely high, about the first manufacturer which does, that as we have seen, Samsung is having all the ballots to do so.

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