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Nfortec, boxes and fans of performance professional for your PC

Nfortec is a new company Murcia that just of birth with the intention of offering components of PC that grant a high performance to prices adjusted. In this way, we will find in its catalogue products such as towers, fans and coolers, which will offer high-end performance. Have State in the event of presentation of Nfortec in Madrid and want to tell you what have been our feelings to the know them products that we have presented. Products with a clear mark of identity, in which prevail the utility and the performance general of the PC, as we had. Are going to meet these new products of the company Spanish Nfortec.

Towers to cover all your needs

Evento Nfortec

During the event, could witness in full action the three main towers that Nfortec has in its catalogue, the Scorpius, the Pegasus and it Perseus.

  • Scorpius: before she, we found with a tower of PC built in materials of top quality and designed by and for them more demanding, both at the level of gaming as in the environment professional. Each mm of the box has State designed by and for it. We found with a chassis of steel and coating of aluminium that accompanies of form effective the heatsink of the heat. In the panel front will have a glass tempered of four millimeters, an aspect differential with other boxes of range high, whose thickness is quite more reduced. But not everything is here, the disposition of the bays and the chassis in this tower of 450 x 215 x 470 mm will allow us to ‘hide’ the wiring and leave the side more attractive as possible. With tacos of rubber that help to reduce the vibrations and a front simplistic, can enjoy of 4 ports USB and them classic inputs and outputs of audio.
  • Pegasus: to half Road between it useful and so efficient, a new chassis of steel, coated by a side and part upper of aluminum. In the front have with ABS translucent. Every glimmer of this box is designed for cooling, but without forgetting the aesthetics. We have 7 PCI expansion slots in 460 x 205 x 495 mm in size and a top 4 USBs, and input and output audio ports. To move the air, three fans of 12 cm super silent.
  • Perseus: of this box we surprised them slits side of ventilation illuminated with LEDs, that if, is designed with a finish minimalist of aluminum brushed. A time more, brings included them fans with lights LED, 3 ports USB upper for have it all to the scope of the hand and a reader of cards, as well as the inputs and outputs of audio. All in 450 by 205 by 493 mm accompanied of a minimum of 3 fans of 12 cm.

The power supply is an important pillar

Evento Nfortec

Is one of those paragraphs to which the “gamer” usually grant less importance, but there are that have eye with them sources of power. In Nfortec know it so have worked on making our fingertips a few sources of quality, with two main ranges, the Scutum Wired and the Scutum Modular. Manufactured without skimping in components, found from 650W to 750W in the model modular, with certifications 80 Plus Bronze in all the range, what ensures the employment of materials of first quality and the maximum security for our components.

In the case of the Scutum Wired can save a little, 650W and also certified 80 Plus Bronze, but we should not forget their smart fan 14 cm that will accompany and dissipate the heat of this source of power in the most efficient way.

Heatsinks and fans, refrigeration by flag

Evento Nfortec

In Nfortec nor lose eye to dissipation, that present the range sailing, with MX and KX model. The first models offers four double copper heatpipes accompanied by a great fan of 14 cm, only present in the highest range of sinks. Simple installation will surprise even the most demanding. For minor needs they also offer Sailing KX, a sink with four heatpipes with copper core and another huge fan.

On the other hand, Aquila series offers us a few fans of sizes varied, accompanied by silicone coating which assure us the silence that like so much”listen”. Finally, a pasta thermal called V382 with the maximum conductivity thermal, that prevents the transfer of electrons from the processor to the heatsink.

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