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Nintendo has generated $ 53 million dollars with Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

On 7 September, Apple surprised friends and strangers to announce through Miyamoto launch exclusive Super Mario Run, the first Mario coming to mobile platforms in an official way, but it was not until December 15, when we were able to download and test the performance of the bet by Nintendo to bring the classics to the screen of smartphones. Super Mario Run is available for your download of form free, but for power play to all them levels, there is that pass by box and make a buy only of 9.99 euros, a price that many users considered excessive, but that you has reported ones good income to the company, while them critical of the game not have been all it good that could wait.

The Japanese company has just said that Super Mario Run for iOS has been downloaded 78 million times since its launch on December 15. From its launch, the company has maintained to the game between them 50 that more money generated in the App Store, until little more than one week and now that is has deflated the hype initial, the company has begun to update the application adding a “mode easy” Besides a new event, for treat of keep the interest of them users.

According to Nintendo, more than 5% of the users who have downloaded it, have made the integrated purchase, but without specifying the concrete percentage. Nintendo assures that through this game has managed to generate 53 million dollars that would have to deduct the percentage that is Apple. Super Mario Run is expected to reach the Play Store in the middle of March, but since Nintendo seems to have no clear business model who want to apply in the version for Android, since a few weeks ago I conducted a survey among its clients asked which would have been the ideal price of the game among many others.

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